Monday, November 16, 2009

How to treat keloids after a piercing?

i have an ear cartilege pierincg for about 3 months which hasnt fully healed due to alot of trauma and bumping against. i just noticed a tiny keloid on the back of it..will it continue to grow? is there anything i can put on it that wont interfer with the acutally healing of the piercing? thanks!

How to treat keloids after a piercing?
There really isnt much that you can or need to do. Keep your piercing clean and avoid getting it caught on any more things. These are your easiest solutions to keeping the keloid from getting any bigger and getting it to go down over time. You can get cortisone injections for a keloid at a doctor, but a tiny keloid isnt really worth the expense.

Clean your piercing with sea salt soaks as warm as is comfortable (you can get proportions online). You can also try tea tree oil to see if that has any positive effect. The less you fiddle with your piercing and the better you clean it, the less the keloid will grow. Don't over clean the poor thing, but keeping it neat will keep your ear healthier.
Reply:see a dermatologist. They can give you steroids that may help. Really nothing you can do on your own.