Friday, November 20, 2009

Can you get keloids from wearing earrings?

I have one on my leg from a cut some people say I can get one on my ear

Can you get keloids from wearing earrings?
I developed a keloid on each ear after I got my ears pierced. The doctor gave me a shot of cortisone in each ear, and they went away. However, he told me that people that form these tend to form them other places also. And he said I could no longer wear pierced earrings as the keloids would return and get larger. So yes, it is possible to develop keloids from wearing earrings, especially since you got one on your leg. (I got one on my tongue that had to be lasered off when I accidentally bit my tongue one time!)
Reply:people prone to developing keloids can and do develop them from pierced ears, and on rare occasions even from clip earrings. It is the constant irritation that causes the formation of keloids.
Reply:you can get keloids anwhere you have scar tissue forming if you are prone to this condition.
Reply:i think when you get your ears peirced
Reply:Yes, you can get keloids on your ear from a piercing--they are actually fairly common.

If your piercing is fully healed, and you have had no problems, there is less of a chance of developing one. However, part of it depends on the type of earrings you wear. You should always avoid really heavy earrings, not simply to avoid keloids, but because they stretch the piercing and it can become very disfigured. I am prone to keloids because I have darker skin, but I have five ear piercings and one facial piercing, and I have no keloids at any of those sites.

Simply watch your ears closely. If you start developing a keloid, take your earrings out and go see a dermatologist. That's really all you can do, other than leaving the holes alone and wearing clip on earrings when you want to wear earrings (and technically, those can cause keloids as well, since they can be caused by friction).

Best of luck!